Not to sound cocky, but I am pretty good at most crafts. I am not afraid to try new techniques, in fact my bucket list is basically places I want to go and crafts I want to try.

Papier mache' Santa

Papier mache’ Santa


I suck at plenty of stuff like math, video games, figuring out the right size Tupperware to hold my leftovers, but I am usually pretty good at the craftiness. There are a few key skills I can’t seem to master. Not that I haven’t tried, because heaven knows I have.

  1.  Crocheting or knitting – My daughter taught herself to crochet and makes some truly amazing things. Not just hats and scarves but full on amiguri. I have been “taught” to crochet like five or six times. Maybe more. I can crochet a simple chain, but beyond that, I am worthless. And I really want to learn! It just is not in my skill set.
  2. Garment sewing – I love sewing! To me, it’s almost like magic. Take two pieces of fabric and magically make them one! Problem is, I am terrible at measuring. You know the old adage “Measure twice, cut once”? Yeah, well I could measure twelve times and still somehow mess up. My sewing style works much better for stuff that doesn’t need to be precise. I’m pretty good at “hacking” clothes, and love to make quirky rag dolls. I also make oxygen tank covers, which are simple enough that I can make them right every time. I still need a LOT more practice before I try to follow a clothing pattern.

    rag doll babies

    rag doll babies

  3. Wood working/building – See above. Not sure what my problem is with measuring. It’s something I have always struggled with. Oh well…I guess there are worse problems.

I still hold out hope that I will some say be able to crochet at least a set of dish rags. I told you about my obsession with red, and it is impossible to find red sponges or dish cloths. Drives me crazy.

So, how about you? Are there any skills you wish you could master but just haven’t yet? Please share in the comments!