I preach here quite a bit about stepping out of your comfort zone. My comfort zone is fairly wide. I don’t get embarrassed easily and I love trying new things. Would I sing the National Anthem at a sporting event? Probably not because for one, that is a hard song to sing, and two I haven’t trained for it. I would love to do it though. So maybe I’ll add it to my bucket list. Would I sky-dive? Not under any circumstances. Well, even that is not entirely true. If I were traveling by plane and it caught on fire or was about to crash or something and I was wearing a parachute, I would definitely try sky-diving. I wonder why they have “floatation devices” underneath your airplane seat and not parachutes? Hmmmm…


When my craft cohort, Consu Tolosa proposed a “30 Days of Art Shares” challenge on Instagram, I was totally on board. I had been contemplating a thirty day challenge after seeing my friend and accountability partner, Jane Dolan do one of her own on Instagram. Jane was inspired by Verte-Adelie’s 365 sketch-a-day challenge on Tumblr. Impressive! 365 days seemed a bit ambitious for me, since sketching is not my forte, but I really wanted to expand my “zone”, and I felt I could handle thirty days. It’s actually been a little rough finding the inspiration to sketch. I hadn’t thought about how hard it might be coming up with a new sketch idea every day for thirty days, especially with my limited sketching skills. But it has been pretty fun so far. All of the feedback I have gotten so far has been positive and wonderfully supportive, which makes a huge difference.

Here are the sketches I have shared on my Instagram so far. Full disclosure, I have missed a couple of days. And also these sketches are not that good, but the point is to feel good, not to be good. And I feel pretty good about it.


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