I have long been fascinated by pop-up cards. Until a few years ago, though, it never occurred to me that I could make my own. They seemed too magical! Really, they can be quite simple. Back in the day when I had an art studio, I used to teach a workshop for kids on how to make pop-up cards. They can also be quite complicated and extraordinary. I just discovered (via THE MOST AMAZING website, Instructables.com) a fantastic paper artist and her super cool site, MakePopUpCards.com. Katherine Belsey has a most impressive bio. She’s done it all! MakePopUpCards.com sells downloadable paper craft PDFs as well as complete paper crafting kits . You could purchase¬† a full-on, incredible 2-story, eight room paper doll house kit and make a fully collapsible, real dollhouse, or you can choose to buy the do it yourself download. There are some neat free projects too.

Here is a link to a super fancy pop-up card I taught to a group of 8 to 10 year olds. Truthfully, it was a pretty ambitious projects for kids that age, but any even slightly crafty adult can easily pull this off with spectacular results;

Pop-Up Paper flower Card by Golics via Instructables