I wrote a lovely post about a pretty and pretty impressive flower bouquet pop-up card that will amaze the recipient but is simple enough for just about anyone to make. And then the problems started.

First, the link to the video at MarthaStewart.com would not work. It kept taking me to the Mother’s Day crafts page. I tried as bunch of times with the same results every time. Hey, I put the work in for you guys! Then then original video, the one from which I learned to make the card way back in 2010, appears to have been taken down. The pages at Instructables and Metacafe are still there, but the video won’t play. Lame. Alright, you don’t really need a video to make the card, the instructions Martha gives are pretty clear, but a video would be nice.

I needed a couple of pix for the post and I didn’t want to just steal the ones off the web so I made my own card, only I couldn’t find my glue dots. I have a super cool glue dot applicator cartridge thingy that put your glue dots on one at a time but do you think I could find it? Heck no. I looked everywhere I though it would be and a bunch of places I was pretty sure it was not, but maybe. Could not find it. So I went ahead anyway, using a crusty old roll of double-sided tape I got at Target’s dollar spot like three years ago. Everything was going smoothly, my flowers looked great, I remembered how to put them together, so awesome. Then I went to open the card and all the tapes failed. ARGH!! I tried pressing them down super hard, I tried opening the card more gently, but the more I messed with it, the less the tape wanted to stick. All that work, ruined.

Craft fail card

Card Fail

The moral of this story is “Be Organized”. You need to have the right supplies on hand to make your crafts, but it doesn’t matter if you have the right supplies if you can’t locate them. I looked for that glue dot dispenser again this morning and still couldn’t find the little bugger. I’m sure it will turn up later this afternoon, when I come back from the store with a replacement.

UPDATE: Yes, of course I found my glue dots the very day after I bought some more. Pretty much my standard method for finding something is to buy a replacement. The original is almost certain to turn up right away. So with glue dots in hand, I fixed my messed up card and wrote about it here, with a cool little video and everything. Enjoy!