My intention is to blog regularly. I do crafty stuff all the time, but often forget to photograph my projects and take notes so I can blog my creations. I am getting better, though! However, I would rather not blog than to post a craft idea that is untested or doomed to failure. I also will not post craft ideas that are lame or ugly. I read a variety of craft blogs and some of the crap these ladies post is embarrassing. A lot of it is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but there are a few wanna-bes out there who do blog on a regular basis (good) but don’t have anything worth blogging about so they just post any old crap project (not good).

Not trying to be a hater, I just don’t think you’re doing anyone a favor by posting a crap craft idea just so you have something to post. Case in point: A blogger who I recently began following posted some ideas for Valentines day and one idea was a photo coaster. I was intrigued so I clicked the link for instructions. Basically, buy a coaster size wooden plaque blank, paint the edges and then Mod Podge a photo onto the top. Now I am not criticizing this idea because it is too easy. Some of the best ideas are the simplest. I am criticizing the horrid technique.

First off, she doesn’t specify that you need to use a laser copy for this project. MISTAKE!! You simply cannot use ink jet prints to decoupage. The decoupage medium instantly causes the inks to run and bleed. You must use a laser print or photocopy. Second, this blogger instructs you to seal the coaster with 2 coats of Mod Podge. MISTAKE!! You could seal it with fifty coats of Mod Podge and as soon as you set your wet glass on it would be ruined. Mod Podge is not a sealer or a finish, even though the label says it is. Trust me, I  know from experience. Mod Podge glossy will stay tacky-ish almost indefinitely. Even if you never set a glass on these coasters, if you stacked them they would bond together after a very short time.

I’m not trying to make this a Mod Podge hate fest, I myself use it all of the time, but any crafter who tells you to seal a project with Mod Podge  doesn’t really know what they are doing. You must use some sort of finish over Mod Podge to properly finish it. Even the folks at Mod Podge will advise you to use sealer.

Mod Podge now comes in a dozen “flavors”now, so last time I was at the craft store I checked them out. I was curious whether Mod Podge’s Outdoor formula would work for a project I was creating. Upon reading the instructions I learned that it would need to cure for FOUR WEEKS before being placed outside. Does that seem reasonable? Not to me. Go buy a can of clear coat for a buck or two at Home Depot and properly seal your project so that it will last a lifetime. You owe it to your crafts and to the special people you make them for.

Here are a few links for some quality  handmade coasters to craft: