Easter is another Holiday that tricks people into being crafty. Coloring eggs? Crafty. Making Easter baskets? Crafty. It’s amazing and discouraging to me how many adults feel they are not crafty or artistic, so if they have to be tricked into doing crafts then I am all for it.

coloring Easter eggs

Coloring Eggs!

My kids are grown and my niece thinks she is, so I haven’t colored eggs in a while but I used to love it. We stuck with the basics of dying and over dying using wax resist. That’s what you call it when you write on the egg with the clear crayon they give you in the coloring kit. Call it “wax resist” from now on and sound fancy. Nowadays there is Pinterest, and about a million ideas for decorating eggs.

Easter eggs, before and after

Before and After

Here is a picture from a few years ago when we had about 9 pet chickens. They laid eggs in an array of colors that looked really cool when dyed. We only have three birds now and it takes a while to get a dozen eggs anymore. If you don’t have a backyard flock, maybe try buying brown eggs from the store, or better yet, if you have a local Farmers’ Market, you can probably get some nice free range eggs.

Quail Deviled Eggs

Quail Deviled Eggs

Here is a picture from the one time I made deviled eggs out of my quails’ eggs. That was an ambitious project. Those suckers are a pain to peel. We had about 6 quails laying at that time, now we are down to two so it takes about a week to accumulate a dozen eggs, This picture shows about 40 eggs. I tried counting like three times, but I give up. Let’s just call it “a lot”

Happy Crafting!