Trace Your Design

Trace Your Design

In just two days I will be heading of to San Francisco to participate in a workshop at the CreativeLive studios and I am very excited! First things first, I need something new to wear. I work from home and so I basically live in PJs. Time to go shopping! I really wanted to find some plain but “dressy” t-shirts and decorate them myself. Even though I have a Yudu screen printing machine, sadly I have no idea how to use it and no time to learn right now, so I opted to go with basic freezer paper stencils. It’s a simple technique and great results are practically a guarantee.

My design was pretty simple, a scorpion and a field of stars. I traced my design onto freezer paper, then cut it out with an exacto knife. I was making three shirts so I cut all three out at once to make it easier. Then I punched the stars out with a paper punch, like the ones scrapbookers use. With a medium iron, press the paper shiny side down onto your t-shirt. It bonds instantly to the fabric. Mask off any areas you don’t want sprayed and then go for it. I just used regular old spray paint, no fancy fabric paint. If you’ve ever gotten paint on your clothes, you know it never comes out and as long as you don’t apply it too thick, it will be nice and soft after you wash it.

Custom TShirt

Remove Stencil!

Peel off the paper and viola’! I just love crafts like this with a big reveal. Can’t wait to show these off at CreativeLive on Thursday.

PS: Found my glue dots. They were in my paper punch bin. I only looked there twice…

Look What I Found! My Glue Dots!

Found My Glue Dots!

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