I leave tomorrow afternoon for San Francisco. My plan is to be completely ready by the end of the day today so tomorrow, I can just relax, pack my clothes, and get on a plane. I have detailed plans and lists so that I can be absolutely prepared, but I still have that deep down feeling that I’m forgetting something. Know what I mean? It’s a feeling I get every time I take a trip, and so far, I’ve never forgotten anything that would make or break the trip. Even the camping trip when we forgot our chairs, barbecue, camp fire tools and a bunch of other stuff. As long as I show up at the airport with my ID, debit card, and my suitcases, I will manage.



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CreativeLive asked us to bring 3-5 pieces for Megan to check out, and so far I have packed about 30, so I think I’ve got that covered. Just laundered my entire wardrobe of Red Scorpio T-shirts, so that’s taken care of. My planner is printed, as well as all of my travel docs so I’m good there. 



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Besides my CreativeLive adventure, I also did a guest vlog for Sarah Shotts’ gorgeous blog.  Sarah is participating in Emily Diana Ruth’s Letters to July, a neat little project that you should totally check out.


On Monday, besides Megan Auman’s course, I will be joining Amanda Sue Howell’s Bizaversary Party, celebrating five years in business and the launch of her new program, 30 Days of Creative Abandon. She got an awesome giveaway going and one of the prizes is a digital copy of my book, Handmade Gifts That Don’t Suck. I wrote an article about how to bust through creative blocks, so check that out on Monday, or better yet, sign up to receive updates when new posts are published. You’ll get a coupon for 15% off jewelry in my shop as a thank you.