Day 5: Finish 2015 like a boss

After looking back at the last six months, how are you doing? If you’re seeing measurable progress, awesome! This is the perfect time to refine your focus. You figured out what doesn’t work, so cut that out right now. Devote that time into ramping up the things that are working for you, or testing out (and measuring) a couple of new things.

If you’re not growing the way you’d hoped, go over this checklist. Figure out what you might need to start paying attention to so you can finish the year strong. 2015 is only halfway over, so there is still plenty of time to correct your course to success.


Take all of this information and develop an action plan. Download my free “Big Project Planner” here. It’s a super awesome tool that helps you reverse engineer a big goal by breaking it down into small steps.


Here are some additional resources to get you going. And remember, every tiny step forward is progress!