Day 1: Get clear on your goal
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Did you set a goal for 2015? Did you set a bunch of different half-baked goals? Did your goal evolve as the year progressed?  Dig out your list of resolutions. If you did set a concrete goal for 2015, have you been focusing your actions to make this goal a success? If you have a more casual list of resolutions, is that working out for you? Chances are, if you are juggling several ideas, your focus may be too divided. Check out this webinar replay by Tara Gentile to help you determine your top goal. 


Having a goal is just the first step. Knowing what actions to take to turn your intentions into reality requires that you break down the big hairy goal into smaller, bite sized tasks. You should be able to put three things on your to-do list each day that are specifically designed to move you forward. Your goal needs a plan. If you need a little assist with goal planning, please check out my awesome system. It’s what has kept me on track and helped me hit my mile markers this year. Here’s my list of New Years’ resolutions, and so far I’m on track to have a successful 2015. Will I get everything on that list done? Maybe not every single thing, but I know I will make significant progress toward my (fairly ambitious) objective of world domination.


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