Flashback Friday!

Here is a popular post from back in the day. I have an iPhone now but the process is still the same. In fact, here is a pic I took just the other day…


How to Photograph Jewelry and Other Small Items…

Here are some tips I use for taking great pictures of my bracelets using a regular old point-and-shoot camera. Mine is a Kodak EasyShare I’ve had for probably 10 years –

Use the “close-up” or “macro” setting on your camera. They all have one. On my camera, it’s represented by a little flower icon.
Use natural light! This is probably the most important tip. I happen to have a skylight in my bathroom, so all my photo shoots take place in the shower, but any place where you get indirect natural light works.

No need to buy on of those fancy photo studio deals they sell in catalogs. A plain white piece of paper makes a great back drop. Prop it up against a white back ground like this (I’m using a ream of paper. It’s perfect.) The pros call this a “seamless”, and it eliminates the horizontal line in the background.

Place your item on the paper and get your camera up there real close. If you have shaky hands like me, you may need to brace yourself. Any jiggling while in macro setting will make your pix blurry.

There you have it. Great pix to showcase your beautiful creations!