I love New Year’s Eve because I really dig symbolism, and what is more symbolic than a holiday dedicated to a fresh start?


Tweet: http://ctt.ec/M8DS6+ night the sun goes down and every day it comes up again... a fresh start, a new chance. via @redscorpiomadeLet’s not forget that every night the sun goes down and every day it comes up again, signaling a fresh start. Every day is a new chance.


That said, I do make New Year’s Resolutions and here they are in no particular order…


#1) Systems and schedules for success. This is my theme for the year. I write it on my daily planner every day to help reinforce the idea. I began this in 2014, and this year I am really ramping it up. For real though.


NYres 201420


#2) “Get used to the sound of my voice”. I wrote this in my planner on December 30th when I was contemplating my plans for 2015. I would love to do a podcast, but the thought of hearing myself speak on tape made me cringe. January 3rd, I was in Death Valley camping and had no cell signal. My laptop had just enough juice for me to write a one-page document. Greg was on a day-long solo hike so it was just me and the dogs. That got boring after a while so I just decided to try recording my voice, you know, to get used to it. I ended up making three kind of long recordings because I quickly realized that hearing my own voice did not bother me in the least. I was elated, but kind of annoyed at the same time for waiting so long to discover this! I could have been making voice notes the whole time. Psssh. But bonus, I got to check off a resolution on day 3, the fastest time yet. And then I turned it into a new resolution which is…


#3) Do a bunch more stuff I think I will hate. I am still working on the list and will share it with you ASAP. Also, just because they’re called “New Year’s Resolutions” does not mean you need to make a list by January 1st and then that’s it. I add stuff for at least a month. Sometimes longer.


#4) Create a morning routine. A perpetual resolution. Each year I get a little better.


#5) Sing Karaoke. Not just sing Karaoke, but get so comfortable singing Karaoke that I can do it any time, even while sober.



WiR 0930144


#6) Simplify my space. It’s too chaotic. It’s starting to bug me. I am going to get my pal Jane Dolan involved in this because she is an organizational Zen Master. Or Mistress.


#7) Get into Oprah’s O Magazine Gift Guide. This is a holdover from last year because I missed the cut off date. Not this year. Coming for you Oprah. You won’t be sorry.


#8) Act impulsively. I realized beyond a shadow of a doubt that I work best when backed into a corner. I have always been careful about what I say I am going to do because I don’t want to commit out loud and risk failing.  Funny thing though, all that ‘secret’ stuff never gets done. I can easily justify letting myself down, but I don’t feel the same when others are involved. It’s the power of accountability, people! So I am going to just blurt stuff out and then I will be forced to back my sh!t up.


great advice


#9) Paint a big giant picture. I bought some large canvases last year (yikes!) and they’ve been sitting here staring at me because I am too intimidated by their big giant blankness. This year, I am ready to vajayjay up and go for it. The worst that will happen is I will be out about $15, but know what? I already am!


Wishing you the best 2015 ever ♥

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How about you? Any good ones you would like to share?

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