So, I’m getting ready to take off in just a few days for Megan Auman’s CreativeLive boot camp, How to Make a Living Selling What You Make, and I’m pretty excited. As usual, I feel under prepared. This week, I’m going to be sharing all of the things I’m doing to get ready for my trip. This course is a little different from the courses I’ve previously been a part of because there will be some critiquing of my actual products, and I am simultaneously so looking forward to it and scared to death. I mean, Megan Auman is going to be giving me advice about my jewelry. Yikes. And also, awesome. Imposter syndrome is kicking in hardcore.


This journey started way back in May when I began planning this project using my “Big Project Planner”. Besides creating some amazing pieces to showcase on the broadcast, I also needed to get my website and Etsy shop in tip-top shape, which meant reworking my sales pages, my about page, and all my product photos and descriptions. I wanted to be sure that, since there would be a bunch of new visitors to my site & shop (hopefully), my site and shop would be on point.


planner 07062015 - 2











Yesterday, for whatever reason, I decided to start making a beaded snake. It was Sunday, so I felt it was ok to take a day off from work & just goof around doing something I love.












Today, I spent the morning photographing new products for my shop, including some awesome earrings that I’ve been procrastinating getting in my shop. Listing new products on Etsy is the worst, but it has to be done. Maybe later I’ll get some snake beading in.





Tomorrow, I’ll be making a special landing page for the opt-in that I will be talking about on CreativeLive. Also, I really should list these new earrings on Etsy. 


Please join me for the live broadcast of the first day of Megan Auman’s How to Make a Living Selling What You Make, Monday July 11th at 9am PST!