Today, after seven months of planning, we are finally heading off on our Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks adventure. We are very excited, but honestly I am a little nervous. For one, this is the first time we will be attempting to camp without reservations. All but one of the campgrounds is first come first serve and I am a total control freak. This is a rough one for me. I am just going to assume a positive outcome & deal with whatever comes.

Don't Wait to Live Life

Don’t Wait to Live Life

Secondly, we will be taking a little side jaunt and tent camping for one night in the Southern end of the park. I am not afraid of tents but I do have an irrational fear of bears. Gotta tell you, I am a little freaked out about this. My husband actually hopes to see a bear. He is crazy. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bear way, way off in the distance, but not anywhere near my tent! Or trailer for that matter.

Lastly, I just checked the weather and now they are saying it might rain or possibly snow while we are there. Now I am definitely not scared of rain or snow, but pulling a trailer on winding mountains roads makes me very nervous. Adding rain or snow to that is not my idea of fun. But my husband is an excellent driver, and we just had our Burbie checked out by our trustworthy mechanic, so I have to believe it will all be ok.

I hope we are able to update you guys during this fabulous adventure, but getting a signal in the wilderness is pretty iffy. Our two twenty-somethings will be holding down the fort while we are gone and it drives me crazy not to be able to check in daily. Last time we went away, I had to use a pay phone to contact them. As a germaphobe, that did NOT make me happy.

So here I go on another trip just outside my comfort zone. As daunting as it can be, they are always amazingly fun to look back on and I highly recommend you take them as often as possible.

See you when we get back!