The subject line in my inbox didn’t have a question mark. That was me. The article was from Yahoo! Travel and it was the story of a couple who retired in their 30s and traveled around a bit before settling, for now anyway, in Taiwan. Spoiler alert: step one is “Make $140,000 a year working for Microsoft.”


Rainy day on Bourbon St.

We used to travel A lot. Here’s a picture from one of our trips to New Orleans


I wish this couple all the best, don’t get me wrong. The guy seems to be pretty keen with the financials, so they might do alright. Of course, they are expecting their first child very soon, and life is pretty unpredictable. I’m just saying “retire” might be a strong word. Maybe call it a Sabbatical and see how it goes.


A little too much perspective.

A little too much perspective. If anyone gets this joke, comment below and I will send you a free download of my “Handmade Gifts” book.


Same goes if things don’t seem to be working out. Just because something is a certain way right now, there’s no guarantee that it will always be that way. Truth be told, there are no guarantees. I like to assume a positive outcome for all situations until proven wrong. By assume, I don’t mean leave it to chance, but to work as though the situation will have a positive outcome and make course corrections as needed.


YNP preview12

We still travel, mostly to National Parks now.



I actually think a more compelling headline would be “How To Make Money Doing Work You Love So Dang Much You Never Want To Retire.” It’s a little long. I’ll work on it.For me, it’s making stuff and sharing it with the world. What would you love to do so much that you would never want to retire?  Share yours in the comments.