I had a big day planned yesterday. Too bad when I woke up that morning,  my lower back was seizing up so bad I could not get out of bed. Unfortunately staying in bed was not an option because, you know, I had to go potty. It took me about 15 minutes to get to the bathroom. Normally this is a five second trip. It took another 10 minutes before I could get up from the seat. If I had a “real job”, I would have called in sick, but unfortunately, when you’re ‘self-employed’, you don’t get sick days. Or vacation days.

As I’ve mentioned like nine times, I recently had the privilege of participating in a workshop at creativeLIVE taught by April Bowles-Olin of BlacksburgBelle.com. I was so excited to be chosen and I learned a LOT, as well as meeting some a bunch cool people and getting some great exposure. The downside was the timing of the workshop could not have been worse. The weekend before Mother’s Day should have been a busy time for me, but since my jewelry is 100% handmade by me and me only, I was not able to cash in on the exposure I received for my lovely custom photo jewelry. Bummer.

Being your own boss is hard, at least for me. It’s not for everyone and there is no shame in that. If I hadn’t lost my super awesome job when the place went out of business, my plan was to work there until I retired. I was happy working hard, making a great living and enjoying art as a hobby. I didn’t even have a “Plan B”.

I joke sometimes with my kids when they say, for example,  something only cost $40, “Do you know how long it takes me to earn $40??” Being an artist, it could take me a week to earn than kind of money! I am blessed to have an incredibly supportive husband. A talented photographer, he selflessly works at an incredibly demanding and stressful office job so that I have the opportunity to “make something of myself.”

When I’m doing mundane tasks such as prepping tiles, or my hand is cramping up from stringing strand after strand of beads I think, “Would you rather be rating drivers’ paperwork in an office?” and the answer is always “NO!”