Cool headline right? I learned that from the internets. But you should still read this post, because your business really does need these four things.



I recently watched a series taught by Kari Chapin for CreativeLive called “Jump Start Your Handmade Business“. Kari presented four segments, one for jewelry businesses, one for beauty products, one for paper goods and one for sewing businesses. For each class, Kari listed some important things that one needs to start a business, such as supplies and skills, but Kari listed the common necessity for all businesses was courage.



Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!


You must have courage to start a business. Because it is hella scary. There are so many things to be scared of. Failure. Success. People being mean to you. People ripping off your ideas. You must be prepared to get roughed up a bit.



I had to redo the one of the boys 3 times


Another thing that I feel is vital to success is stamina. There are going to be lots of days where you feel like you cannot do one more thing. I have been so busy lately with holiday orders, and some afternoons I feel like I can not bear to poke one more bead with a tiny cord. My fingers ache or worse, go numb. At those times, I just recall how much I hated my last job. I would string a million beads before I would go back to working there. What I am doing is a gift, and that helps me soldier on.


Only half of these turned out the first time

Only half of these turned out the first time


Perseverance was another key word last week. I had a batch of resin fail. It messed up three different orders. I wanted to throw a temper tantrum and a pity party. But I knew I could not let my customers down. Even if it meant going back to work after dinner. That’s how it is when you work for yourself. Do it again and do it right.





And last but not least, patience. I feel that patience is key for life in general, but especially if you are an entrepreneur. There are a lot of overnight success stories that have taken 10 or more years to come to fruition. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. If you feel like it’s not going fast enough, examine what you are doing. Maybe you can tweak your workflow to get faster results. Maybe not. But don’t give up if it doesn’t happen right away.

It’s like a bottle of syrup. It seems like it takes forever to start but pretty soon your pancakes are swimming in it.


PS: Face palm, big time. As my dear friend Kris with a K reminded me…

I would add #5: Friends Who Get It.

It is, in those moments of resin failing or blog posts disappearing or zero days off for a month straight…it helps SO much to be able to see another brave, persistent, BizKitten rockstarring it out along with you.


So, 5 things. Your business needs 5 things. And a lot more. Pretty much all of the things, if you are going to be in business for yourself. Still worth it.


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