Hey guys. Normally I am a pretty upbeat lady and have lots of stuff for which to be grateful. This was an unusually rough week though, so let the pity party begin!


The week started off well. Monday, I posted a story about London, an epic pub crawl and a tattoo. Best part was I easily located the pictures from said pub crawl. It was in the days before digital and most of my photo albums are packed away, so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get my hands on them. Lucky me, they were in the first place I looked. That pretty much never happens!

My London souvenir...

My London souvenir…


The rest of the week, not so great. Tuesday, our mechanic let us know that my daughter’s car needed a complete engine rebuild, amongst other things, and basically wasn’t worth fixing. Awesome. She was pretty sad about it because she had received the car as a 16th birthday present from my parents and she really loved it. I was pretty sad because she is too broke to buy herself another car. Yay.

Quinns First Car!

Quinns First Car!


And it got worse. Although our tortoise Frank keeps odd hours and we have a huge yard with lots of hiding spots so sometimes we don’t see him for days at a time, we were getting concerned about his whereabouts. He had been absent from evening snack time for a few days. Our fears were confirmed when we found a large gap under the back fence where Frank likes to hang out. Frank would not intentionally run away from home, but Sulcata tortoises are roamers and don’t really understand boundaries. Also, Frank could get lost in his own yard, even after living here for 8 years, so I knew it would be very unlikely for him to find his way home. And there have been construction workers at the house behind us for a couple of weeks. I talked to them and they claimed they didn’t see him, but I got a weird vibe. Maybe I am just weird. Maybe somebody will find him and he will be returned. That would be super awesome. He’s not like a dog or cat. He has special needs. I just hope whoever has him is taking good care of him.


Frank, eating grapes

Frank, eating grapes


Wednesday sucked too, when I found out I was not accepted to be a vendor at Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. So I pretty much cried all day. I was able to get a lot of design work done, and that made me feel a little better. I will have some cool new stuff in my shop very soon.

New necklaces!

New necklaces soon!


Thursday was just ok. Although, I did feel a little better when I heard that Renegade had also turned down crafty icon Rosalie Gale. Really, Renegade? Rosalie Gale didn’t make the cut?? I didn’t feel good because she was turned down, because she is super rad and deserves to be in there. I am just questioning their judgement.


And now it’s Friday. I am still pretty sad about Frank, but I am already over the other stuff. We are heading up to the mountains for a weekend of camping, peace, and quiet. It should be a beautiful, brisk fall weekend. The perfect place to clear my mind and get some perspective.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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Anybody have a great week?

I would love to hear about it!