I am about to do the scariest thing I have ever done. This week, as I may have mentioned once or twice, I will be sitting in the front row at CreativeLive for the fabulous Tara Gentile‘s course, “Market Launch and Sell Your Next Big Thing“. That is not the part that is scaring me. Confession: I am afraid to fly. Like really, really terrified. I am scared of planes, actually, which is yet another strange quirk and just part of my never-ending charm. On top of that, I have never traveled alone before. I have never even gone to a movie or a restaurant alone. What can I say, I met my soul mate when I was 18. But I am so excited to be a part of this experience that I am not going to let a little terror stop me.

creativelive with Tara swiger marketing for crafters class july 2014

CreativeLive, straight ahead!

Yesterday, I got an email from Tara, setting up a pre-show meeting. Fantastic idea! It will be very helpful to get some things worked out before appearing in front of a live audience. Then I see who is cc’d in the email. Two names pop out immediately, Ana of Ana Apple Designs, and Sasha Cagen of Quirky Alone, and I begin to panic. These ladies are real business people. Really for real. What the heck was I doing trying to include myself into this group? Make no mistake, I have complete confidence in my art. My business skills, not so much. I frequently “joke” about what a terrible business person I am, and we all know that comedy is truth in disguise.

creativelive with Tara swiger marketing for crafters class july 2014

Eyes on the Prize!

So I had myself a little pity party. I am usually insanely optimistic, so this is not at all the kind of party I like to throw. My saint of a husband said all of the right things and asked, “Do you want to talk about it?” “No, I’m good,” I assured him. Because I knew it would pass. It’s called “impostor syndrome” and it’s a real thing, but I had to get over it. So what if these ladies are more successful than I am? I am not in competition with them. I want us all to do well. I am just not as far along in the journey, and that is ok because I already knew that I was built for comfort, not for speed.

The bracelet I made especially for the trip

Seriously though, you better order one before I get famous.

Whenever I get worried about my slow progress, I just have to remind myself that some things take time. Just keep moving forward and you will get when you are going.


I will leave you with that sentiment, and also a picture of my Sulcata tortoise, Frank. He never gives up, he always soldiers on, even if he is stuck under the fire pit and has to drag it 20 feet across the yard before it frees itself.

Showgirl chicken Liza and Sulcata tortoise Frank

Frank takes what he wants. Sorry Liza.


But, really, watch Tara’s course. And join the chat! I will be tweeting during the breaks and if you let me know you are in the chat room, I will give you a visual “shout out” during the break. This is going to be a hell of an adventure so you may as well watch.