I try to do new things on a regular basis. I like to try new food, attempt new crafts and travel to different places. My main mission for this blog is to convince you that you can do it, whatever “it” is.

Last week, I wrote a blog post about comfort zones that got a lot of response. It must have struck a nerve, maybe because it is so easy to get stuck in the zone. I get it. But if you have a dream that lives just outside of your zone, you can’t let it limit you. What is the worst that can happen?

For a brief moment in time, my sister and I had an arts & crafts studio called “Party Arty!” We put on craft parties, and also had walk-in make and take crafts suitable for kids and adults of all skill levels. For example, one of our most popular crafts was a wooden box that could be decorated in a bunch of different ways. We had paint, glitter, ribbon, cool stuff to glue on like tiny seashells, sequins, google eyes. Parents would bring the kids in to craft and the kids would be in Heaven.

Party Arty!

Party Arty!



Being a crafty person myself, I always assumed that the parents would join in the fun & choose their own craft project. I didn’t keep accurate statistics on this, but I would guess only about 5% of parents made their own craft project. When I would encourage them to try, the response was almost always, “I’m not artistic” of “I’m not crafty”. Sometimes, it was obvious they just weren’t into crafting, but there were plenty of times I could tell that they wanted to craft, but they weren’t comfortable doing it. That would make me sad. I was able to talk a few parents into making a craft of their own, but not many. (Actually, by FAR the worst was when the parents “helped” their kids because they weren’t doing it perfectly enough.)


Imagine my delight when last week I saw on Facebook that a childhood friend had taken a step outside her comfort zone and began painting a lovely picture! Lynn had only done paint by numbers before this, and wasn’t even expecting to be painting that day, but with the encouragement of her crafty friend, decided to go for it. Yay!

Lynn's Painting

Lynn’s Painting in Progress

What would have happened if Lynn had taken the chance and it didn’t work out this well? First of all, even if her painting did not turn out this beautifully, if she enjoyed herself while doing it, that is a big win. But if she had not enjoyed it and decided never to paint again, all she really lost was a bit of time and a few bucks worth of supplies. I think she could probably live with that. Especially since she was able to spend some quality time with a friend.

Instead, Lynn created an amazing work of art that should make her quite proud. I hope she continues to pursue painting if it makes her happy.


seddick doubt rs.jpg

[Tweet “”Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will” ~ Seddick”]

Here are a few things I have done outside of my comfort zone. No regrets!

  • Started an arts & crafts studio. Yes it “failed”, but it was an excellent learning experience.
  • Flying to London. I don’t even like to fly to San Francisco, so it was way out of my zone to take a 11 hour flight. I really wanted to go to London though.
  • Flying to London with 2 kids and then taking a whirlwind day trip to Paris on the Eurostar. An amazing adventure!
  • Tent camping for 5 days in Yosemite. Literally outside my comfort zone. It was cold, the bed was uncomfortable as heck, and I could have easily camped twice as long, it was such an incredible experience.

What are some of the ways you have stepped out of your zone? Please share in the comments!