I am a fantastic employee. I really am, or at least I was until I started working for myself. At my old job, there were very clear goals and a defined structure. In my new “job”, I bounce around from task to task,  not ever really sure what my priority should be. Making jewelry? Blogging? Marketing? It is exhausting.

One thing is for sure, I am not going to get far without some sort of blueprint. This week I have been taking steps to truly turn my passion into a business, because so far it’s been pretty much a hobby. It is time to treat it like a real business.

And so, I am sharing this with you and the whole wide world. My goal is to get my business on track and running like a real honest to goodness business, even though that stuff is really boring and hard. Just like everything else, though, it will get easier as I get better at it.

Here is My Goal!

Here is My Goal!

If you are interested in going from busy to happy, click here to check out this new 21-day productivity mission put together by April Bowles-Olin and Mayi Carles, the superstars of Connecting The Gaps. It sounds like so much fun, you probably won’t even notice that you are learning and developing good habits. Like when you put zucchini in your kids mac n cheese so they don’t know they’re eating vegetables. Sneaky.

(PS: sorry, ladies, but I had to change that clock from blue to red.)