Handmade gift tutorials abound! But make sure your projects pass the giftability test. Just because it’s handmade does not automatically make it awesome. Do the work, people.


I just returned from a delightful camping trip that cleared my head and refreshed my spirit. I am bursting with ideas for projects and plans for the future. After all, the New Year will be here in 23 days!


Last week I scored some super cute figurines for home-made snow globes. I have been dying to make these for ages, and now I have just the right little trinkets to encapsulate into a wintery wonderland.


Here is an excellent gift guide I put together for you. PS it is now too late to order custom jewelry. Sad, right? I warned you a bunch of times. But I still have lots of nice jewelry in my shop.


If you want to DIY, you can always count on Mark Montano to come through with some highly giftable projects. Check him out online, or better yet, grab a copy of his awesome book “The Big Ass Book of Crafts” or its sequel, “The Big Ass Book of Crafts 2“. You will not be sorry.


My girl Jen shared a wonderful tutorial for some DIY holiday decor, a darling burlap wreath and a cute little burlap ribbon trimmed frame. Check it out at her inspirational blog devoted to living a life more awesome, “Jen & Company“.


Cards are usually a pretty easy DIY, and in fact I will be writing up a tutorial for handmade cards next week. But let’s say you don’t have time to make cards yet still want to support small business and send charming little holiday greetings to your best friends. My pal Jenny Brown makes fab crochet inspired holiday postcards and sells them in her shop, along with incredible crochet patterns. Sorry, Jenny Brown but your super cute cards are about as close as this girl can get to crochet. It is way over my head. Way.


Another extra amazing gift is this lovely calendar put together by my talented husband, Greg. Featuring 12 gorgeous months of original images taken at some of California’s most beautiful parks. For sale in his Etsy shop and sure to please a few special someones on your list. Free shipping too! Woot.


Ok, now back to work filling orders. Yay! Here is a little preview of the story of our trip to Yosemite. Enjoy!