Are you ready to spring forward? Not me. Setting the clock ahead an hour is not my favorite thing. But what choice do I have? I guess I’ll just embrace the change, and prepare for Spring with this easy as pie way to spruce up a flower-pot. Prepare to be amazed.


Spring is just around the corner, and I know it can’t get here fast enough for my East coast friends. When you are surrounded by a blanket of white, it’s nice to have a happy little houseplant or pot of herbs on a sunny windowsill to brighten your day. This simple faux finish tutorial will show you how to paint a plain pot to match your decor.

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Super Simple Fancy Faux Finish


Pro Tip: If you are planning on potting a plant directly in the flower pot (and not using a plastic pot as a liner), prime it first with latex paint. This will seal the pot and prevent the terra cotta pot from absorbing moisture and damaging the painted finish. If you are making the “Family Tree Centerpiece” from my book, Handmade Gifts That Don’t Suck, there’s no need to prime the pot.



You will need:

♥ White glue

♥ Craft paint, thinned to the consistency of ranch dressing

♥ Pot, as described above

♥ Two paint brushes


Brush on a generous coat of regular old white school glue onto the pot. Then, immediately apply a coat of craft paint over the glue with a very soft brush. Don’t blend the paint with the glue, but just float it on top. Watch and wait as the magic happens right before your very eyes. Let it dry completely before putting a plant into it, but if you’re making the centerpiece from Handmade Gifts That Don’t Suck it should be good to go as soon as it’s dry to the touch.

Check out the video: