Last weekend was great but the Monday, not so much. And only two more weeks to say “Rocktober”. Sad face! At least the weather has finally cooled off around here.


The peace and serenity we felt over the weekend quickly disappeared when we got home Sunday afternoon and were informed that our chronic plumbing problems were flaring up in a big way. Monday, we had to call a plumber out and he broke the sad news that our drain pipe was going to have to be replaced due to a ‘massive root invasion’. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? We have known this for a while, but usually the plumber can snake the drain out and get things flowing again. This time, the roots broke off the tip of the cable. Time to bite the bullet. I didn’t get any pictures of that so here is a cute puppy.


awww so cute! she is actually 12 though.

awww so cute! She is actually 12 years old though.


Tuesday was great because I actually got to make some stuff! I joined a fantasy football league this year, after thinking about it the past few seasons. It was my New Year’s Resolution about three years ago (that is the kind of resolutions I make) but nobody I knew wanted to play, so I gave up on it. Then one day I saw an invite on Twitter to join a Crafty Football League and said “yes, please”. My record is not great, but it’s still fun to play. The ladies do a blog hop featuring football themed crafts every year, and you can check my craft out here.


WiR 10171411


Wednesday I made even more stuff. How exciting! I strung up a new style of necklace for my shop. These pieces don’t have beads, but a simple cording for people who are not as into beading as I am. They do exist, and I would like them to fall in love with my jewelry.


Personal Photo Jewelry

Personal Photo Jewelry


Thursday, the plumbers came and dug up our front lawn. We weren’t able to use our water from late afternoon Thursday until mid-morning Friday and it was kind of a pain. But I made me think about how lucky I was to have access to clean running water almost all the time. One day without water wasn’t going to hurt me. I didn’t get a picture of that either, but I did notice a super cool cloud when Greg & I were chilling out in the yard around sunset.


Jack-o-lantern cloud

Jack-o-lantern cloud


Friday, I had a DMV appointment and I was so dreading it, but it actually was a breeze. My appointment time was 11am and I was home by 11:30. Can’t complain about that. The weather this week has been gorgeous and I am VEry happy about that. Happy Friday, everyone!


How was your week? I’d love to know. Please comment (:

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