I really love Instagram. I love posting random pictures, and I really love seeing the random pictures other people share. There are a lot of talented artists putting their work out on IG for the world to see and I love it! (Evidently, this is also happening on Pinterest. I thought Pinterest was just for sharing party decor tips and recipes, but my friend Jane told me otherwise. I haven’t checked it out yet because the one thing I don’t need is another social media distraction.)

Last night, two San Francisco artists I follow posted on Instagram, inviting people to a fun event going on at their local dive bar, the El Rio. It was called “social sketch”. Doesn’t that sound super cool? They went to the bar and broke all their gear out onto a big table and a group of them made art. How awesome is that? I do not like to use the word “jealous” because its meaning is negative, but I so wished that I lived somewhere where that was a thing. That sounds like a fabulous way to spend an evening.

When my sister and I had our art & craft studio, my favorite part was the workshops. I am very keen on getting together with fellow makers and artists to play. I doubt I will ever have a studio like that again, but one of my goals is to start a salon of sorts where my cohorts and I can get creative.

Do you have a favorite place where you can get together with fellow makers and artists? Please share in the comments!