How is it Friday already? And another thing, how is it the end of November?? Next week is Thanksgiving. What? I could swear we just celebrated that not very long ago.

Last week was super fun and it flew by. This week was just regular, and it still sailed right past me. Here are the highlights…



Sunday, we busted out all of our maps and books and stuff, because in one week (!!!) we are heading to Yosemite for 8 days of camping. We’ve been waiting for almost a year for this to happen and are both pretty stoked. I am not sure I will be able to get Greg to leave when our vacation is over.


Love making plans...

Love making plans…



Monday, I still was not rested up from my whirlwind week in San Francisco, so I slept late. (Confession: I slept late every day this week. And I am pretty sure I will sleep late over the weekend too.) Working on some custom orders made me feel better.


Soon to be some luck lady's beautiful bracelet.

Soon to be some luck lady’s beautiful bracelet.


Tuesday, I discovered one of the tiles had a huge bubble and I would need to re-make it. I was in a bad mood after that, but seeing the sunset’s glow on my little palm tree cheered me up.


Palm tree at Sunset

Palm tree at Sunset


Wednesday, our truck decided to break down. When it rains, it pours, or so they say. Luckily we have an awesome mechanic. Later that evening, Greg & I watched the first half of “Gone With the Wind”. I watched it once when I was a kid, but this was Greg’s first time. I thought it was actually a really good movie, even though I am Yankee to the core. The costumes were amAZing. As someone who basically lives in pajamas, I was blown away by how dressed up these ladies would get just to hang around the house.



Thursday marked one week until Thanksgiving. That’s how I tell time, by the next event I have to get ready for. And it actually did rain. I was not expecting that. I’ve lately only been checking the weather for Yosemite.  And it was a great week for jewelry orders! Yay! I love making stuff!! That night we watched the second half of “GWTW”. I was dying to know how it turned out ;)


Order before it is too late and you are sad

Order before it is too late and you are sad


Now it’s Friday, which means lunch with Grandpa, and then took him to visit my cousin and check out his annual yard sale where I scored this super rad platter and this lovely table-cloth.





I am still exhausted, and very much looking forward to eight days of nature, peace and beautiful scenery. Only one more one week!!!! Woot!


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How was your week? What’s going on this weekend? Please share in the comments below.