Custom Photo Jewelry


My name is Richelle

and I turn your

favorite photos

into beautiful,

truly personal

unique jewelry.

I began making bold statement bracelets and necklaces because I wanted to wear high quality jewelry that captured my own flashy and fabulous style.

That evolved into making photo jewelry for myself, and then as extraordinary personal gifts.

I have created many gorgeous heirloom jewelry pieces to give as gifts and the reaction is always the same. Every single woman puts theirs on immediately, no matter what she is wearing. They feel that special to wear and to give.

My signature RichelleMarie line of stylish photo jewelry was created as a truly personal alternative to jewelry on the market that offers limited customization with “personalized” components. 

If you prefer ‘one of a kind’ over ‘one of a dozen’, if you want to blow someone away with a gift that connects, one that captures a moment in time and turns it into a beautiful wearable memory, then this jewelry is for you.

I am currently accepting a limited number of commissions for custom photo jewelry. If you are interested in a consultation, please contact me for more information. Prices for necklaces start at $125, bracelets start at $450.