Finally! You Can Learn My Super Secret Process to Make the Red Scorpio Keepsake Photo Necklace

And make Mom cry tears of joy on Christmas morning!

Dying to find the perfect gift that will really show your special someone how much they mean to you, but nothing you see in a store truly resonates?

Is a ‘Photo Keepsake’ necklace on your wish list? Would love to make a personal gift even more meaningful?

Now is your chance! I’ve been asked so many times about my super secret process for creating these beautiful custom pieces, I’ve decided to share my secret by making the process & the materials available in a kit + course – for the first time ever!

I’m proud to announce the first online course for 

Red Scorpio ♥ Handmade Gifts that Don’t Suck: 

“Photo Keepsake Necklace”


In this course, you’ll learn the process I’ve spent years perfecting and make your own gorgeous and sentimental custom necklace – to keep or to give as a super special gift.

If you’re one of my first select few students, beyond bragging rights you’ll get two live calls with me & the chance to be featured on my blog as a thank you for helping me create the first of many “Red Scorpio HGTDS” courses.

After it’s all set up & my elite testers have given the absolute thumbs up for the course content, I will open it up to this waiting list FIRST, before launching to the public.

There are limited materials kits available, so sign up to get on this list, or you might miss your one chance to create a gift that gives goosebumps (& happy tears).

babybath Mayi necklace2 baby mom

I have a limited number of spots available in the first round so let me know if you’re interested in getting more info, and I’ll put your name on the top of the list.


I’ve taught people to make these necklaces many times in real life,  but to make sure that the online course goes as absolutely as smooth as possible,  I’m putting together a small handpicked class of students to go through the course with me at a special introductory price.

You’ll help me work out any potential technology gremlins, and as a thank you, you’ll get the live calls and a chance to be featured on my blog. In the process, you will learn to create these stunning gifts for the special women in your life: your moms, best friends & sisters.

Get your name on the list now to be the first to find out about this brand new “Handmade Gifts that Don’t Suck” course from Red Scorpio

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